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Strong winds, the location and the climate offer the perfect conditions for kitesurfing.  Whether beginner or professional, everyone can learn to kite or prove their skills. The shallow water and constant wind make Ceará one of the perfect places for kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Here you will find kite schools, shops, tours, hotels and guesthouses that specialize in this type of tourism.

Wind season:

July to January

Wind strength:

Daily between 26 and 29 knots


Die  Top-Kite Spots on the East-Coast of Ceara

  • Cumbuco

  • Taíba

  • Paracuru

  • Flecheiras

  • Icaraízinho de Amontada

  • Ilha de Guajiru - Itarema

  • Jericoacoara - Preá

  • Bitupitá


Ceará has many different surf spots with a mixture of reef and beach breaks. It's also a lot of fun to explore, with some isolated, not overcrowded breaks and funny surprises for the surf explorer. It is not one of the most famous surfing regions, as strong, constant trade winds blow from the east all year round, which can make good surfing difficult if you are not willing to sail and/or have good knowledge of the region.



Die  Top-Surf Spots in Ceará

  • Fortaleza Volto da Jurema,Praia do Futuro,Leste-Este

  • Praia da Iracema, Ponte Metalica

  • Titaizinho

  • Iquape meio

  • Morro Branco

  • Paracuru

  • Icaraí

  • Taiba

  • Jericoacoara - Preá

  • Prainha

  • Pico da Almas


Paragliding, here in Ceará is one of the most intense flying experiences there is. Below you and around you, absolutely nothing disturbs your view of the magnificent landscape: whether colorful dunes or a unique mountain landscape. Pure free flying! Feel the fresh air around you, enjoy the sun's rays on your skin. Be free as a bird. Also the silent propulsion by wind and thermals contributes to the unique feeling of paragliding - a feeling of absolute freedom...We arrange courses and tandem paragliding flights on request.


Pargliding Spots


  • Canoa Quebrada

  • Icapu

  • Praia do Fututo

  • Beach Park

  • Marro Branco

Pamps in the moutains:

  • Quixada

  • Serra de Arantanha


Explore the tropical paradise of Ceará state, with its palm-lined, white sand beaches, clear lagoons and coral reefs from the back of a horse.Different itinerarys takes you past coloured sea cliffs, across rivers, through sand dunes and mangrove swamps as well as into the Atlantic rain forest and down the many pristine, deserted beaches. There are typical local fishing villages to explore and delicious seafood to sample - as well as lots of coconut water to quench your thirst after pacey canters along the endless beaches.

Places for Horse Riding

on the coast:

  • Cumbuco

  • Jericoacoara

  • Parajuru

  • Fortim

  • Canoa Quebrada

  • Pontal de Maceió

in the mountians:

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Climbing has been a popular sport in Brazil since about 1900 and has become very popular in Brazil in recent years. In the state of Ceará there are some beautiful climbing areas in the Ubarajara Mountains (Serra de Ubajara) and many monotlithes in the Serão Cearense area.

Kletterspots in Ceará

  • Pacatuba

  • Maranguape

  • Tianguá

  • Quixada

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There is no better way to experience nature here in the northeast of Brazil than on a hike lasting several days, camping in the wilderness off the beaten track...However, there are some things to consider..Besides sufficient drinking water you also need suitable clothing and a local guide.there are usually no signposted hiking trails or hiking maps.

There are hiking tours:

  • Serra de Arratanha

  • Serra do Marangupe

  • Serra de Baturité

  • Serra de Ibiapaba

  • Serra de Ubajara

  • Capada de Araripe


The State of Ceará has some points of deep-sea diving, and many shipwrecks at the disposal of divers. Some kilometres from Fortaleza, it is possible to reach the State Park Pedra da Risca do Meio, one of the most important diving spots in the country.

TOP Dive Spots


  • Cajueiro e Farinhada

  • Canal das Arabaianas

  • Canal do Uruaú

  • Parque Estadual Pedra Risca do Meio

  • Cabeço do Arrastado

  • Córrego da Volta

  • Pedra do Mar

  • Pedra Nova

  • Pedra da Botija

  • Pedra da Risca do Meio

  • Risca do Aquiraz

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