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Cuisine of Ceará

The cuisine of Ceará has tropical and exotic tastes, with special seasonings that will delight even the most demanding palates.


In general, the dishes are an evidence of popular culture and trace back the influence of colonizers. The seafood is the heart of the cuisine and it can be found in a wide range all along the coast of Ceará. Crabs, prawns and oysters make up the menu of restaurants, which serve them in different and appetizing ways.


One of the most traditional dishes is peixada, a fish stew usually served with vegetables and a portion of cassava flour, while the lobster is the most exquisite and preferred dish among visitors. Ceará cuisine doesn’t live on the seafood exclusively. From the hinterland there are more dishes like carne de sol (a dried meat dish) with paçoca and cassava, the popular baião-de-dois (mixed rice and beans), the green beans as well as highly seasoned dishes such as sarrabulho (stew with pork and goat innards), carneirada (sheep stew) and panelada. From the sugar cane is made the famous cachaça, a drink that has reached a great success outside Brazil. Don't forget to try the sweet delicacies and cakes at Festas Juninas (the tropical version of European summer feasts) and also the delicious juices and ice creams made of tropical fruits.

The cuisine of Ceará is influenced by the food habits of indigenous people who used to inhabit the state, while other dishes were brought by the European colonizers. The African influence, which is particularly strong in the northeast due to sugar cane production, also left its mark in Ceará cuisine. This mixture of cultures is responsible for a rich gastronomic heritage that can still be noticed today in the food habits of the people of Ceará.



In Ceará you will find restaurants with regional dishes or typical dishes of Brazilian cuisine. Modern restaurants with international cuisine can also be found beauty for the eyes. Pleasures of the palate and seductive scents. Surprising combinations. Secret ingredients. Secrets that are passed down through generations. Ceará gastronomy is a festival of sensations, discoveries and traditions.


A special tip: Visit the fish market (mercado de peixe) in Fortaleza, where you can buy fresh fish that is then prepared for you in the market restaurant. Nothing could be better!



Typical Dishes:


Traditional cooked fish


Fried fish


Shrimp Aglio Olio (Garlic and Oil)






Tapioca with coconut milk


Grilled Picanha


Grilled lobster



Exotic fruits:




Cashewappel (cajú)


Green coconut (coco verde)


red mombin (Seriguela)


yellow mombin (caja)


Gold plum (cajarana)




Starfruit (carambola)



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