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Termos and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Namoa Tours, Tourism Agency

The following Terms and Conditions (GTC) are the basis and integral part of any contractual agreement between NAMOA TOURS , Tourism Agency and the client. Contrary regulations in general terms and conditions of the client contradicts Namoa Tours, tourism agency hereby expressly. These terms and conditions apply only to contracts in which consumers are not involved.

The acquisition of national travel packages and packages acquired from NAMOA TOURS, established at Rua Vila Rica 148, Serrinha, Fortaleza, CEP: 60741-570, enrolled with CNPJ under no. 09.331.374 / 0001-64 is subject to the general clauses and conditions described in this document, which are informative for all contracted tourist services, being formulated in the light of the Consumer Protection Code and the Normative Deliberation of EMBRATUR n. 161-1985.


1.1 All tours are made by van, micro-bus or air-conditioned bus and designated according to the number of people scheduled for each route.

1.2 O The amounts charged by Namoa Tours INCLUDE ONLY same-day round-trip transportation.

1.3 In all tours contracted in NAMOA TOURS we have a tour guide accredited to the MTUR and will do their job to welcome you, to pass information and suggestions of optional tours in the route chosen, and it is not obligatory to the client adherence to these suggestions.

1.4 The schedules marked are based on a sequence of hotels / inns to be traveled, and for various reasons, delays or anticipations may occur. Meet at your hotel / hostel reception 5 minutes before scheduled time. Your absence from reception at the scheduled time will mean that you do not want to go on the tour, being aware that you will not be entitled to a refund.

1.5 Namoa Tours is not responsible for third-party tours, such as: raft, boat, buggy, ultra-light, zip-line, and others, when not mentioned as included. EXCEPT in the tour of 3 beaches, which includes the Buggy ride on the beach of Morro Branco being this EXCLUSIVE responsibility of the local Association responsible for the execution of the same.

1.6 Namoa Tours is not responsible for objects left / forgotten inside the vehicles and in other places, being the total responsibility of the passenger (according to paragraph 6 of resolution 1432, of 04/26/2006, ANTT).

1.6 Tour to Flecheiras: the optional catamaran ride to get to know the natural pools is only done at low tide and reservations are made on the spot. Vacancies are limited per day.

1.7 Namoa Tours reserves the right to indicate and suggest, during its tours, restaurants or beach huts as POINT OF SUPPORT, where the tour guides and the parked vehicles will be. It is not obligatory for the client to remain enjoying this place, being given the free choice to come and go.

1.8 All tours end at 4 pm, leaving the beaches already pre-determined by the Tour Guide and administering a tolerance of 15 minutes, after which time the rest of the customers will be boarded in the vehicle, the decision to wait or leave without attending of the missing customer.

1.9 Prices are per person and do not INCLUDE MEALS or tickets to tourist attractions.

1.10 It is mandatory to carry photo identification (or birth certificate for minors) on the tours, as required by regulatory agencies

1.11 Policy for children:

0 to 4 years incomplete without occupying seat = courtesy or is traveling in lap of its responsible,

5 to 11 years = 50% of adult value

and from 12 years = value of the adult

1.12 If there is any dissatisfaction or complaint about optional rides, restaurant or any conduct that is disrespectful to drivers, Namoa Tours recommends that its clients report immediately to the TOURIST GUIDE for appropriate arrangements.

1.13 The values ​​of the tour will be charged immediately after boarding, directly to the TOURIST GUIDE or AGENCY Tel.

1.14 Use our social media Facebook, Instagram or our site for suggestions, complaints and comments.

1.15 Extra services such as: food, drinks, optional tours, admission to attractions or exhibitions or other tourist equipment, or any other not explicit in the offer announcement of our service, are not included in the value of hiring this;

1.15 In case of tours and tours, the chosen date may be changed if the minimum number of passengers for departure is not reached. Should this occur, NAMOA TOURS will communicate with the customer shortly;

1.15 Cancellation policy:

a) Cancellation up to 24 hours in advance of the contracted service, will guarantee 80% of the amount paid;

b) Cancellation with less than 24 hours in advance to render the service contracted, will not allow refund of the amount paid;

1.16 Under Brazilian law, NAMOA TOURS reserves the right to change, replace or even cancel the service purchased, when the cause is caused by force majeure over which it has no power of control, such as meteorological phenomena, actions of floods, road closures or any other that endangers the safety of passengers;

1.17 NAMOA TOURS is not responsible for points and closed tourist facilities

on account of weekends, holidays and holidays;

​1.18 It is extremely important to respect and observe the boarding hours in the vehicle, informed by the guide, when visiting at any of the scheduled points of the tour. If you do not board at the stipulated time, it will focus on the interpretation of the departure.

NAMOA TOURS will not send another vehicle for later rescue.



2.1.1 In a state of intoxication, or on the use of some other narcotic.

​2.1.2 Carrying a weapon, Without authorization from the competent authority;

​2.1.3 Transporting or intending to ship products considered dangerous by legislation, or prohibited by the internal regulations.

​2.1.3 As alcoholic drinks, ice cream, fruit and so on ...

​2.1.4 Pretend to embark an object of dimensions and packaging incompatible with the vehicle's luggage compartment.

​2.1.5 Commit the safety, comfort or tranquility of the driver or other passengers;

​2.1.5 Make use of a stereo, after being warned by the crew of the vehicle;

​2.1.5 Refuse to pay the fee.

​2.2. Use of SMOKE inside the vehicle is PROHIBITED.

​2.3 It is extremely important to present the voucher at the time of shipment of the vehicle, delivering it to the guide, as well as the signature of the buyer in the minutes / term of attendance;


​3.1 For the right purposes, the customer declares that he has read, understood, agrees and accepts all items related to this agreement.

Fortaleza, 21.11.2018

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