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The  West Coast of Fortaleza are particularly popular with the Kitsurfers, but also for those in need of rest. the West Coast offers dreamlike and romantic places and pousadas (private hostels) heading towards the sunset up to the state of Piaui. The beaches of Cumbuco and Jericoacoara are world famous and are not only popular with kite and windsurfers for their optimal wind conditions.

Cumbuco Beach

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R$ 35,00

The beach of Cumbuco (municipality of Caucaia) is only 37 km from the city centre of Fortaleza. Its huge and beautiful sand dunes, which can be seen along the entire coastline, attract every visitor. Between the dunes there are Romanesque lagoons with colcosplamen. The beach of Cumbuco is not without reason one of the most beautiful and popular beaches on the west coast of the state of Ceará, but is also still an ideal place for those who want to enjoy walks and water sports, especially kite surfing.... and is also increasingly gaining popularity in international tourism... You shouldn't miss out on a buggy ride to explore the surroundings, which is almost a must for all visits... Best you ask the driver for "com muita emoção" (which means with a lot of feeling...) and then it's good to hold on... when the 19hp speedsters start...

Lagoinha Beach

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R$ 45,00

With dunes, coconut palms, lagoons and cliffs, the beach of Lagoinha is a real postcard motif. The comfort of civilization blends here with a largely unspoilt idyll - bars and restaurants on the beach and also the annoying flying merchants - but you can escape them on a trip with buggy, the Jardineira and the Catamaran. The sandy strip that borders the cliffs is 15 kilometres long and crescent-shaped, perfect for beach trips of this type!

Mundaú Beach

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R$ 60,00

Even with so many famous beaches, there is still much to discover on the coast of Ceará. On the other hand, for those who like the most deserted beaches, hope that these small corners remain untouchable. Praia de Mundaú in the municipality of Trairi is one such example. It is a destination not so close to Fortaleza (154km), as other beaches that we have mentioned here on the site, but that deserve your visit. See why!

Flecheiras Beach

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R$ 60,00

You are tired of the city and need a place to rest, tired of everything that can be stressful. The destination for you is Praia de Flecheiras, in the municipality of Trairi, in Ceará. The paradisiacal beach, 130 km from Fortaleza, is a small fishing village, a true paradise completely integrated into nature.

Icarai de Amontada Beach (Icaraizonho)

Das verlorene Paradies and Cearás Küste

Icaraizinho village is a simple place with very warm people, offering small shops, a pharmacy, a church and small restaurants.

There is no mobile signal operator in Icaraizinho.

Just a short walk and you’ll find white sand dunes, lagoons, natural pools at low tide and the Aracatiassu river with its oysters. 

Jericoacora (Jeri)

Jericoacoara gilt weiterhin als Geheimtipp unter Brasilien-Reisenden

R$ 130,00

Jericoacoara is a resort town in the eastern Brazilian state of Ceará. It’s known for wide Jericoacoara Beach. Restaurants and bars line its sandy streets. Principal Square is at its heart, on Rua Principal, the lively main road. The town is ringed by freshwater lagoons such as the Paradise Lagoon and Blue Lagoon, and by Jericoacoara National Park, with vast sand dunes. Sunset Dune is a popular sundown viewpoint. It’s possible to visit Pedra Furada by buggy or by organized tour that include also a stop at Pedra Furada, or by a long walk of more or less 45 minutes.

Mangue Seco & Guriú River

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We no longer need to declare our love for Ceará, land of enviable landscapes and hospitable people. In the more and more desired Jericoacoara , the wild Mangue Seco Beach wins the hearts of the tourists and not by chance its fame spreads in the Instagram world outside. With the encounter of the river Guriu with the sea, a small lagoon is formed where sea horses live that inevitably pose for the photos.

The inhospitable landscape is typically arid the place ends up being a good setting for beautiful photos. In the strip of white sand, people pose among the trees, in a hammock, on the swing, and even in a rustic house built with wood. The sea of ​​blue waters forms a backdrop, in addition to refreshing visitors from the heat.

Tatajuba Beach

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The beach of Tatajuba, a fishing village that was buried by the sand and rebuilt on the other side of the river, has huge dunes, coconut trees and calm sea. There are also green water lagoons such as Lagoa da Torta, surrounded by tents. 

Beach of Barras dos Remedios

Caribbean of Ceará

The best time to visit Barra dos Remédios is from the month of July, when the rainy season is over. I went in February with the cloudy weather and the waters a little turbid, but even so it is a breathtaking landscape. This area is famous for the crystal clear waters that resemble the Caribbean. And the help of a local guide is indispensable, the access is very difficult.

Barreiras Beach

Grande aventura!

Beautiful beach! Clean water, fine sand  a very beautiful landscape,  the junction of the beach with the Coreaú River, the dunes, islands, mangroves and the ferry across the river turns Camocim into a cinematographic scene. 

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